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Thank you for 25 years on January 16, 2013!

Welcome to K-Vay's, established since 1988 which is located on Mars Hills Road RD #1 Irwin, PA between the towns of Rillton and Sutersville. We are a family owned and operated restaurant and catering business assisted by a host of support staff who take great pride in serving our customers.

We provide plenty of delicious food from pizza pies to big dinners and to large take out crispy chicken orders. Also, we provide catering & banquet facilities within our spacious party room and outside in any location. If interested in our services, please call 724-446-1100 and we will be glad to talk to you about our set ups and prices or go to our catering menus.

If you haven't been to K-Vay's, please stop by and visit us. It would be a pleasure not only to serve you but also to meet you. To our regular customers, we deeply appreciate your patronage. Thank you.

**Prices Subject to Change**

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